Many thanks to uberbro Terry Bean for affording me a chance to spend half a day with US Congressman Barney Frank and him.

The Congressman is in town to deliver a series of lectures with the theme: Speaking Frankly: What’s Wrong with the Democratic Party and How to Fix It.  If Barney’s diction is imperfect–his focus is laser sharp and his opinions well thought out. I watched him do two interviews for the TV News and a lecture at PSU. The room overflowed, so they set up a camera’s and mics to broadcast to a second room on campus.  I told Barney that I wondered if we were in a pre-fascism stage…he said that there will be heavy prices to pay…but the Republic will survive. Some folks will speak their truth if asked…but you don’t have to ask Barney…he tells it like he sees it without changing his message for the audience.

  1. Donald Trump has taken a number of positions that have created high expectations of change…yet his Cabinet choices are antithetical to those change goals.
  2. One of the reasons we are where we are is because Democrats show up in droves for Presidential Elections and sleep through mid-terms.
  3. Barney was asked if he retired because of all the rancor in politics these days. He said: “Hell no…I did rancor pretty well!”
  4. Barney said marching is only effective if it is used as an organizing tool. He felt that it was more powerful to email, call write, or visit the offices of your own Congressman, etc.

Many applaud Congressman Frank as the first standing Congressperson to marry a same sex partner–but he is much more. He was co-sponsor of  H.R. 4173…less formally known as the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.