Terry Bean and Bob Iwasaki Attend Feb 11th State Dinner

Terry Bean and Bob Iwasaki
Terry and Bobby were dinner guests at the recent State Dinner for President Francois Hollande of France. Those boys really clean up well, so handsome! The audio is the announcer introducing them as they entered the event. Rick said he hoped he did a better job pronouncing French names than he did with Japanese names.

A New Times article reporting the event mentioned that guest list was drawn up with a nod to Americans of French descent. “As the guests passed a press gantlet on their way into the East Wing, they were quizzed on their French connections, offering answers that ranged from predictable to bewildering.” CNN broadcasting shows a reporter asking TB a question. What did Terry say? Did he tell them that family last name was originally Legume?

Rick said Ken Buck called him Mr. Legume for years. We can claim it and we can own it. I think the Beans are just as “French” as Irish-English-German guest Steven Colbert who as the article points out only connection to France is the French pronunciation of his last name.

State Dinner Guest List for Hollande Is Impressive, if Minus One

The New York Times | Mark Launder
Portland Symphony New Years 2014“…the Obamas and their 350 guests set about honoring Mr. Hollande at a lavish event that featured quail eggs, Hawaiian chocolate-malted ganache, and purple irises and free-flowing vines meant to evoke Monet.

Plenty of Hollywood names were in attendance…The guest list for the state dinner, as is traditional, drew from the worlds of politics, business, sports, news media and entertainment, with a nod to Americans of French extraction.”

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Hover over the cover to flip to the dinner menu.

Terry Bean and State Dinner Tablemates Hunter and Kathleen Biden
Beautiful food and good dinner table company, Hunter and Kathleen Biden, made for a memorable evening for all.

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