Terry Bean, Gov. Roberts, and Gov. Kulongoski – Ode to Joy Performance

Last summer,  Bean and Roberts made their stage debut as a singing duo. Their performance with the Portland Gay Men’s Chorus was a big hit. This didn’t go unnoticed by Thomas Lauderdale and when he was putting together “Ode to Joy” he knew he had include Terry and Barbara in the show. “Why not throw in another Governor in who loves musicals and likes the sing-a-longs at TB’s movie nights,” he thought. The Roberts, Bean and Kulongoski Trio was born!

The performance that lead to the big break:

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Thomas rehearsed the trio hard and made no allowances for their celebrity status. A little wait in the cold for rehearsal hardens any performer:

Terry Bean Barbara Roberts Thomas Lauderdale Ted Kulongoski

The Trio worked hard and rehearsed often, preferring the warm luxury of TB’s living room:

Rehearsals moved to the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall the week before the show. Thomas, Terry, Ted, Barbara, and fellow performer, Gus VanSant took a break to pose for a photo.
Terry Bean Barbara Roberts Ted Kulongoski Thomas Lauderdale Gus VanSant

Rick posted on Facebook the night of the first performance:
Super bro Terry Bean is singing with the Oregon Symphony tonight. In addition to performing “Ode to Joy” the Symphony will be accompanying notable Oregonians in a special song. TB will join Oregon’s Writer/Director/Producer Gus Van Sant, beloved Governors Barbara Roberts and Ted Kulongoski, The Portland Gay Men’s Chorus, Pink Martini’s Thomas Lauderdale to name a few.

Ode to Joy Music

I’m a firm believer that my bro’s got the real estate magnate thing down pretty well…but its nice to know TB has something to fall back on if it doesn’t pan out!

Break a leg, buddy!”

This is the program cover. In the commemorative poster version, Terry was billed as “Sir Terry Bean.” Every performer should have a title or a catchy name – it’s almost mandatory for stardom and fame!

Another Facebook comment by Marty:
“Excited to be going to the Oregon Symphony tonight to see my pals on the really big stage. Is there nothing that Terry Bean can’t do?”

I wish I had a video of the actual performance, but as Marty put it, “It would be easier to sneak in a gun than a camera here.” Just know that the Trio was great! We loved their performance of “This Land is Your Land” featuring new Oregon lyrics by the group.

By the time the show was over Terry was an old theatre pro (he prefers the expression “established theatre veteran”) using stage lingo. He sent us a text instructing us to meet him “stage left” after the show. Terry and the Governors even got reviewed and it was a fun one!

Pink Martini’s Thomas Lauderdale and the Oregon Symphony ring in the New Year with fun and Beethoven: review

www.oregonlive.com | James McQuillen
Portland Symphony New Years 2014“Former Oregon governors Barbara Roberts and Ted Kulongoski joined Human Rights Campaign founder Terry Bean for an Oregon-adapted version of “This Land is Your Land,” singing and dancing every bit as adeptly as you’d expect from people who have devoted their time to public service rather than singing and dancing.”

It was a fun start to usher in 2014! Happy New Year from the Beans!

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