“Bean’s Crossing”: Honoring Terry Bean

"Bean's Crossing"  ?

I’m having a special awareness today of what a great guy my brother Terry Bean is.  I started a campaign to have the new Portland Bridge named “Bean’s Crossing” to honor him.  The metaphors are just too good to ignore:

  1. Terry’s 35+ year campaign for fair treatment of women, people of color and the LGBT Community are certainly noteworthy…but Terry also bridged a divide when he worked with Senator Gordon Smith to sponsor the Hate Crimes Bill.  It takes real commitment for an agnostic, ultra-liberal Democrat to get a Mormon, ultra-conservative Republican to not only agree but to take action on behalf of the LGBT and other minority communities.
  2. Terry has long been an advocate for the top economic tiers paying higher taxes…even though he would personally be one of those that would be impacted the most.  The Milwaukie Light-rail Bridge…or “Bean’s Crossing” as I now think of it…doesn’t even the playing filed.  But it does make it so those least able to afford their own vehicles to access work in additional parts of the metro area.

While a number of my friends have submitted Bean’s Crossing to the naming committee I have abandoned my campaign to have it become the official new name…at Terry’s request.  He said that my favorite Governor, Barbara Roberts, was  one of many who were more deserving. What a guy, huh!


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