Supreme Court DOMA Victory – Terry Bean is at the Scene

Terry Bean and Campbell SpencerA week ago Wednesday, Terry was in the Supreme Court Chambers witnessing Supreme Court’s landmark decision to strike down the Defense of Marriage Act.

“What they say about a place being electric is true, the jolt I felt go through the chambers at the moment of the ruling was one of the greatest I have felt in the many years I have fought for equal rights.”- Terry Bean

Terry and Campbell Spencer posed for a “light hearted” photo before the decision was read. We all had our fingers crossed that day and were ecstatic about the ruling. The highest court in the nation declaring DOMA unconstitutional was a pivotal moment in the fight for equality for LGBT Americans. Rick and I are proud of the work Terry has done that contributed to this historical decision. However, we know that the fight isn’t over until LGBT Americans are free to marry in all 50 states. We believe in marriage equality for all Oregonians and lend our support to bringing it to the voters in 2014.

Look Who’s Talking: A Rundown of Responses to the Supreme Court’s Rulings

Look Who's Talking: A Rundown of Responses to the Supreme Court's RulingsThe internet is flush with reactions to today’s U.S. Supreme Court rulings on same-sex marriage….

Terry Bean, Portlander and co-founder of the Human Rights Campaign (to PQ Monthly, from Washington, D.C):

“It’s a great day for all of us to celebrate…and tomorrow the fight goes on. BTW, Scalia went above and beyond with his vitriolic and mean spirited dissent. He is such a jerk.”

Photo of the outside the Supreme Court on decision day for marriage equality by Terry Bean.

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Governor Roberts conveyed greetings from Terry and shared his tearful reaction to the decision with a jubilant crowd at the DOMA Victory Rally in downtown Portland late that afternoon.


Hundreds rally in downtown Portland in support of Supreme Court gay marriage decisions

DOMA Victory Rally PDX 2013“After today we will never be the same,” Frazzini shouted. She said the decision to overturn DOMA and allow gay marriage in California would offer some momentum for the continued fight for marriage equality, no doubt alluding to an effort to get same-sex marriage onto the 2014 ballot.

“I couldn’t be more excited to be doing this work,” she said, before handing the microphone over to former Oregon Governor Barbara Roberts.

Roberts summed the mood up succinctly. “Today’s landmark decisions by the Supreme Court have changed history,” she said, to cheers. “They’ve changed the future.”

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