The Obama Fundraiser: Our Perfect Day Thanks to Terry Bean

The Obama Fundraiser turned out to be a wonderful successful event and we’ve never really told the whole story of the perfect day. First I want to share the family photo with President Obama with all the Beans. It was just going to be Rick and I, but after Terry introduced us to the President, he said, “You get in this too, Terry.” Wow, it is the best Sue, Rick and Terry Bean family photo ever! The day was full of surprises and Rick tells the story best:

Sue Surdam, President Obama, Rick Bean and Terry Bean

Following a VIP lunch, Sue and I heard the President’s re-election stump speech “live and up close” in the Portland Convention Center. He laid out in simple terms where we started, what had been done, what remained to be done…and a glimpse of the possible. President Barack Obama was even more electrifying in person than on TV…and that’s saying something.

All this thanks to super bro Terry Bean. TB had not merely helped Sue and I attend the VIP event…he and his team had actually put the fund raiser together. On short notice with the pressure on they had delivered big-time. President Obama left Portland with over a million dollars added to the campaign coffers and a revved up Oregon group re-focused on his election.

The lunch was great; we met a crowd of nice people. Sue, TB and I had our photos taken with the President. No fund raiser would be complete without speeches. Gov. Barbara Roberts hit it out of the park, but hell, she always does. For me the surprise was the fire that Gov. Kitzhaber spoke with. He was amazing. Then Barrack blew the top off. WOW!

After the event we had ice cream with my favorite Governor and her family. Sons Mike and Mark are a real hoot…and Mark’s bride Tammy is a hoot and a half…maybe more. As you would guess, there wasn’t a wallflower in the bunch.

Driving home, Sue and I were in a kind of semi dazed after glow. The day seemed perfect, unable to be improved in anyway. And then my cell phone rang. Sue opened it up and put it on speakerphone and I heard:

“Air Force One Operator…Is Rick Bean available?” I replied: “Yes!” and she put the call through. At first I thought it was a joke. Of course it was TB. Barrack had been very grateful for all TB had done. POTUS asked Terry to ride on AF1 to Seattle and had given TB a personal tour of the plane. TB called Sue and I to thanks us for attending. Really? HIM thanking ME for getting my photo with the Prez?

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I am both proud and grateful to have Barrack Obama as our President. Ditto for Terry Bean being my Bro. After all, how often have you received a “Thank you” call from AF1 for doing something that was an honor that you loved doing?

A perfect day!

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