Terry and Ira Dinner Guests at Holiday White House Dinner

Terry was a guest at an exclusive holiday dinner hosted for the Obama campaign’s National Finance Committee at the White House. TB shared on Facebook, “It was a warm festive event, celebrating 6 1/2 years of friendship and good hard work with the President’s National Finance Committee—people I now call great friends. The First Lady made us all feel like family.”

Ira Zimmermann, a top Oregon fundraiser volunteer and close friend, accompanied Terry to the dinner.

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From Ira’s Journal

Showed up at the White House two hours early so Terry could meet with his friend Ellie Schaefer at the White House visitors’ office. Spent time talking with her.

At around 6:30 other guests began showing up. They were admitted through the East Wing, then walked down the Eastern Colonnade, through the Visitor’s Foyer, and then into the Center Hall of the ground floor. The White House Library, the China Room, and the Vermeil Room were all open for people to look at. Upstairs was a cocktail reception with live music being played.

After that the President and First Lady held a welcoming reception in the Blue Room, followed by everyone heading over to the East Room where dinner was held. Terry had a seat next to the First Lady at the front of the room. The President spoke for a few minutes, thanking everyone for supporting him over the years and giving a hopeful message for the upcoming term.

Dinner Menu White House Christmas Dinner 2012

After dinner Terry joined Hilary Rosen and Jeremy Bernard.


White House Christmas 2012 Terry Bean iPhone PhotoCelebrate tonight and tomorrow. Then we must stand with our President for the next four years with the same enthusiasm commitment and loyalty we demonstrated in these last months if he is to accomplish the priorities that he has promised America. – Terry Bean Election Night 2012
The attendees of this special dinner stood behind the President and will be standing with him for the next four years. What a celebration this dinner was for all!

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