Sharing the Fun – Class of 72 Lake Oswego 40th Class Reunion

I went to my 40th Class Reunion August 4th…and it was one of the best things I’ve done for myself in a long, long time.  It was great to see my friends from choir, rally and all the rest too!


Sue was fabulous!  She didn’t just go, she went and had fun.  What a trooper. (She looked great too!)  And to my surprise, I saw Liz Wendel and didn’t do or say anything incredibly embarrassing. (There was a span in high school where I had a crush on her. Even when I wasn’t in school…if I blew it…there was Liz!)

I think the highlight of the evening was provided by Mrs. Janet Livesay, Bruce’s mom.  She made a DVD with photos and music that chronicled the “Lakers Aweigh!” 6-week tour of Europe.  Years ago I lost almost all of my childhood photos.  Watching that DVD reawakened a flood of was amazing memories.

It is my profound sorrow that Kim Warner, Jane Hallett Zielkse, Nancy Tongue, Nancy Headlee Hickox,Laurel Harries Bushman, Bruce Livesay, Caron Chaney McNamera, Melissa Duell Zorkin, and Libby Gunn Scott have obviously traded their souls to Beelzebub to stay great looking and eternally young.  Just kiddin’ of course…the real tragedy is that I didn’t have time to spend with everyone I have treasured memories of…but Sue and I are looking forward to keeping in touch with the folks I reconnected with!

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