Rick, Sue and Terry Bean at the Obama Fundraiser PDX

Last Tuesday the whole family attended Obama fundraiser PDX. Of course, Rick and I were especially proud when President Obama gave Terry special thanks in his address to the attendees. “I want to thank somebody who put so much work into this event, Terry Bean. Give Terry a big round of applause!”


The event was a huge success. So many donation “tickets” were sold that event had to be moved from the Portland Art Museum venue to the Convention Center. I loved being at the event and seeing all the people supporting our President’s re-election campaign. The keyword being people here. Real people, not corporate donors contributing. Real people contributing because President Obama has shown us that he cares about all Americans.

A big highlight for me happened when we were photographed with the President. Terry personally introduced us to the President and he motioned to Terry to get in the photo too. So now, we are going to have a family photo with the President!


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