The Beans and I: Friend Update

The end of May was filled with visits from Eugene friends and visiting with our Portland friends:

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Mari came up from Eugene, and we had a great time eating and shopping. We had grilled cheese sans at the Grilled Cheese Grill and then walked up to Salt and Straw for ice cream. I think the walk negated all calories.

Nancy and Marty were dog sitting in Portland over the holiday weekend. Of course we took them to a French restaurant for lunch. And I have to admit another trip to Salt and Straw was in order. No walk so all calories counted.

Next up, game night and dinner at Carl and Gail’s. More food and lot’s of fun. Carl was the winner of Trivial Pursuit.

Finally, a wonderful evening with Scott and Mona. They took Rick and I out to a great Italian dinner and then to a show for Rick’s birthday. Loved the show: “Gracie” at Triangle Productions.

I don’t have photo of this, but the most recent Bean family adventure was Terry and Rick walking from bridge to bridge. They started at Terry’s office and walked over the Hawthorne bridge to East Portland. The walk continued along the beautiful Esplanade and then they returned the West side over the Burnside bridge. Following Waterfront Park back to office ended the perfect Sunday afternoon walk.

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