Terry Bean “Star Sighting” at Obama Re-election Campaign Fundraiser

Terry Bean and President ObamaTo say my brother-in-law, Terry Bean, and Elizabeth Birch are star players as advocates for Human Rights would be true. But the attention Terry and Elizabeth received when leaving an Obama re-election campaign fund raiser that included the opportunity to talk with Obama in a no-press-allowed question-and-answer session confirms it.

From Metro Weekly Article:

Metro Weekly exclusively spoke with about a dozen of the attendees outside the event, a group consisting of several prominent LGBT advocates and business people, about the evening…

Terry Bean, an Oregonian who is one of the co-founders of HRC and was leaving the fundraiser with Birch, agreed, saying, “I prefer, as the president seems to, long-term solutions rather than temporary solutions. If the president had done what some in the community wanted him to do, which was a stop-loss order on ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,’ it never would have passed Congress.”

“…Too often, I think we cheat our LGBT kids out there when we only focus on: ‘What’s the next thing that hasn’t happened yet?’ It cheats those kids of knowing that the executive branch supports them.”

The White House later released a transcript of President Obama’s remarks which included:

… one thing every American understands is you should be treated fairly; you should be judged on the merits.  If you work hard, if you do a good job, if you’re responsible in your community, if you’re looking after you family, if you’re caring for other people, then that’s how you should be judged.  Not by what you look like, not by how you worship, not by where you come from, not by who you love.

And so the work that we’ve done with respect to the LGBT community I think is just profoundly American and is at the heart of who we are.

Read the full transcript at the Advocate

His support of LGBT Americans is just another reason Rick and I join with Terry in supporting the re-election of our President.

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